Showing Appreciation to Bloggers

Darren Rowse has declared April 14, Blogger Appreciation Day (Unofficial).

Evidently some of the bloggers he’s been talking to are not feeling on top of the world right now. He’s recommending some remedial action. He writes:

I’ve been chatting with a few bloggers of late who’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps about their blogging – so perhaps everyone could do with a little lift.

Lets spend today doing a few random acts of kindness and encouragement for our fellow bloggers.

So far I’ve emailed two bloggers, thanking them for their collegiality and sharing and I’ve hugged one, my co-blogger here at Thinking Home Business).

At Darren’s suggestion, I’m also mentioning one blogger here. Andy Wibbels has been a friend, colleague, mentor and supporter since my early days as a blogger. Andy also wrote the Foreword to my 7 Step Business Blog e-book: that was a singularly (but typically) generous act, at a time when Andy could have been excused for concentrating on his own Blogwild!: A Guide for Small Business Blogging book, on the same basic subject and for the same market of small business owners! One of a kind.

LinkedIn BloggersI must also mention a particular community of bloggers to which I belong and which I have the privilege of serving as one of the moderators, the LinkedIn Bloggers group, all 900 of them.

If you want to give your “appreciatees” some extra Google juice, feel free to leave a comment here with a link to their blog.

And echoing Darren, I’m not fishing for emails or mentions. I just think it’s a great idea.

Pass it on.

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  1. Rashmi Mehta says:

    Yaro, Mary Emma & Dave are the best. I often visit their blogs & deive a lot in terms of learning, ie knowledge / trends/ updates plus their blogging style & expression.

    I was’nt a keen blogger to begin with, but today I enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for all the insights & inspiration.

    regards rashmi

  2. What a great day, and a great blog post!

    Yes, it seems like one day all the blogging information gels in your head and you understand what you need to do.

    Blogging is self-expression, creativity, and sharing all at the same time.

    I have started video blogging as well, and I am loving it!

    I enjoy being a member of Linked In Bloggers, too. I learn so much from you and the other members.



  3. Des,
    Your LinkedIn Bloggers Group is one of only 2 groups that I elect to read in individual emails because I find it so valuable. My only regret is that I wish I’d found your group months ago!!
    Johnnie Mesaros RPh


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