Doing Business Beachside

I love the way technology can help us to do business in and from the environments we choose.

Such as at the beach.

On our regular morning walks on the beach, we see plenty of people taking their leisure, from the regular walkers and swimmers like us, to the surfers working the waves off the famed Snapper Rocks (accurately described here, in terms of crowd factor, as “insanely packed”), to the increasing number of Chinese tourists taking happy snaps. It’s a pretty relaxed scene. Usually, the only people in sight at that hour of the day who are working are local council workers cleaning up the beach, and lifeguards coming on duty.

Dave and Shuan - beach office Then the other day we saw a couple of people working, but in a style which combined doing business with enjoying the beauty of the scene at Rainbow Bay. Dave, on the right in the picture, owns the “corner shop” near the beach. Shaun (“We do business anywhere”) was, by the look of it, doing a presentation for some products.

Dave said the guys standing nearby were his directors. Look like they’ve ridden a wave or three between them!

Dave, Shaun and The Directors gave their permission for these pics and for me to use them on the web. Thanks guys.

The Directors at Rainbow Bay

Someone’s gotta do it!

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  1. Joint Venture Marketing says:

    Wow, cool lifestyle – you captured it well.

    Thanks for sharing, this has certainly given me some much needed motivation 🙂

  2. Thanks to the technology because now u can have a cup of tea in the beach while u are continue with your business know one disturbs you.

  3. Another point is that you can run your online business from anywhere in the world.

    James Brausch recently spent over 3 months in Costa Rica, and wrote about how to get that kind of mobility and freedom:


  4. Aleksey – glad you found the post and pictures inspiring.

    Bill – you would have enjoyed the chat with these fellers; they were very funny – a bunch of homespun philosophers and observers of the passing parade.

  5. Amazing that distance does not dull or change the ability of the ‘Silver Surfer’ generations sharing their wisdom and humor.

    It reminded me why I’m proud to be part of that generational thing and call myself a Silver Surfer.

  6. Fantastic! I always knew it boosts productivity to change the working environment and combined different approaches like furniture rearrangements and going out with my laptop, but these are really shots you managed to make lately.

    It reminds me of a trip to my friend in another city I had two weeks ago. It was a 3-day trip. My laptop and I went to visit him only to find ourselves in an extremely inspiring environment of his library. No time being lost, I finished a huge section of a website for my client right there, right then. The rest of the vacation I felt inspired and confident in the success of the venture.

    Your shots are a great reminder that the life isn’t just work and definitely not limited to the cubicles many of us are used to work in these days.

    Thanks for a bit of Monday morning inspiration!