Business School for Bloggers at SOBCon 08

Does anybody say these days “be there or be square”? Is even asking that question condemning me forever to the outer banks of uncoolness?

It’s just that I’m looking for a way to help promote SOBCon 08 in Chicago later this year. It’s described officially as “part seminar, part conference, part deep networking event”.

SOB button That’s SOB as in “Successful and Outstanding Bloggers” – a newish usage, coined by Liz Strauss, of the acronym. The Official SOB button is a prized decoration on the sidebar of many a blog.

SOBCon is on May 2-4, 2008, and the theme is “Biz School for Bloggers” – if the reports of the inaugural SOBCon last year are anything to go by, the schooling will not be short on content or fun.

To get a sense of the atmosphere, the friendliness and the buzz of SOBCon 07, as well as a linked list of presenters and attendees, check out Wendy Piersall’s SOBCon Leaves Me Speechless post. Plus pictures and comments here.

(“Chicago 1” photo by lugolux, via stock.xchg)

For SOBCon 08 there is an attractive takehome gift promised:

The SOBCon08 program guarantees to send each attendee home with a Business Action Plan that can be immediately executed for measurable success. The “mastermind” teams in which attendees will be interacting will provide uniquely deep working relationships that are more meaningful than the business card trading found at other conference/networking events.

Also, among the several features of the event will be, on the Sunday afternoon, an opportunity for attendees to do their thing during the SpeedSpeaking Presentations, which will presumably be a mixture of pitching, entertaining, informing:

Attendees will be invited to give “20-slides in five minutes” presentations. Topics and speakers will be approved before the conference.

If you think May is still a fair way off, it’s worth noting that there is a cap on the number of attendees. Only 250. That’s great for networking and learning, but everyone who attended last year is automatically invited, so if you are keen to be there, it will be worth keeping tabs on this for when registration is opened. There’s a contact page where you can notify your interest in being alerted when the registration process is open.

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  1. Hello Des – it’s a pleasure to meet your virtual acquaintance! I thank you for your post on SOBCon08 – it’s truly a labor of love, and as Liz notes we’re pretty darned excited about this year’s program. It’s going to be hard to top last year (one of the best days of my life – really), but we’re going to give it our best shot! Thanks again, and all the best.

  2. Hi Des,
    wow! Thank you. It’s going to be some occasion we put it together to bring out the best of last year, keeping the focus on the participants and the relationship, but adding in the content of how to run our blogs in a more business-like fashion . . . no worries folks who blog for a hobby will still find plenty of useful information.

    We’re most excited about the new “mastermind” format that keep participante interacting with the content through all of the presenations. And the speedspeaking event on Sunday is going to be a truly fun challenge.


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