New Theme for This Blog

I’m pretty sure my search for a new WordPress theme for this blog is done.

This brief – I suspect my briefest ever – post is to:

  • mention that the theme for this blog is being changed today
  • apologize in advance for any confusion, as I can’t guarantee I’ll get it right first time!
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  1. Leah Maclean says:

    The best tips regarding plugins and the new WP2.3 is to turn off all plugins before doing the upgrade and then proceed to turn on each plug-in one at a time (that way you will know which works and which doesn’t.

    Loads of good things about the new template Des. I would suggest a little more padding wit the columns though. As you have so much information in them they are looking a little over crowded and seem to run into each other. I woulkd also make the middle column wider than the right hand one. Let me know if you need a hand with that.

  2. I hit the same problem when was upgrading to WP 2.3. They removed that post2cat table in the scope of adding native tagging support.

    Many of plugins I wrote for are based on post2cats table, and all I could see right after upgrade was a page with hundreds of mysql error messages like you showed before. The pain was reduced a bit by the fact that I *always* make backups of everything before upgrades, and getting back to 2.2 was a matter of 2 minutes.

    Still need to rewrite plugins before we can move on to WP 2.3.

    Nice theme, btw. On a slowish connection, the page looks completely broken until everything is finally there though.

  3. John
    Just be aware that there are plugins that are not cleared as compatible with WP 2.3. Upgrading can turn into a rather demanding process. See

  4. The new theme is looking pretty good to me Des. Reminds me I have to upgrade to WP 2.3!