Priscilla’s Personal Development List is Excellent, Just Not Reproduced Here

A few weeks ago, life coach Priscilla Palmer, inspired by the W-list of outstanding women bloggers, posted her Personal Development List for “outstanding personal development bloggers”.

The list has had a terrific response and hats off to Priscilla for that!

I was surprised that this Thinking Home Business blog was included in the original list, as “personal development” is not central to what I write about. Not that I was in any way displeased about the inclusion. In fact, I felt very good about it, especially as the list included quite a few blogs by friends and colleagues for whom I have a great deal of respect.

I felt I was in good company.

And I noticed that in the following days there have been a lot of new links to this blog, links which I have been able to see are coming from other blogs which have taken up Priscilla’s invitation to post her list.

So I can’t complain. Nor would I wish to do so.

But I have decided not add the list here, partly because I don’t like just re-producing lists that people can find elsewhere and partly because “personal development” is not part of the core subject matter here.

Although, as an aside, I figure that “personal development” is a topic which is broad and flexible enough to be capable of being woven into the Thinking Home Business conversation without too much trouble. For example, there is no question in my mind that personal development is an important aspect of achieving lasting success and a profound sense of achievement in any business, including home based business. So it would not be totally incongruous to have such a list here.

But personal development is not – or not currently, at least – a focus for this particular blog.

There is also an element of tagging – as in “tag, you’re it!” – in the list being posted on many blogs, and I resigned from the tagging game a while ago.

But this morning I had a message from one of the people whose blog is on Priscilla’s list, telling me that because this blog was on that list I had an “obligation” to post the list here too. That’s nonsense of course – and there is no disrespect to Priscilla or other colleagues on the list in my not reproducing the list here. I know too that Priscilla does not endorse the message left for me by the zealous listee.

That said, I do commend anyone interested in seeing a list which includes blogs by, among others, some of the best coaches I know, to head on over to Priscilla Palmer’s blog and check out her Personal Development list. You will find many gems of insight and guidance.

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  1. Priscilla
    Thanks for your understanding. Every good wish.

  2. Priscilla Palmer says:

    I respect your position on not playing the tagging game. I extend my appologies for anyone on the list who may have not understood that. It is not my intention for this list to be forced upon anyone.

    Thank you for your understanding, and for your support of me and my work; even though you do not wish to participate in the tag game.