Re-Focusing on Thinking Home Business: Your Say Invited

Just over a year ago I signed on with the b5media network to establish and host a new blog about business and blogging. It’s been an interesting and often challenging experience, posting five days a week or so, about business blogging primarily and also about other social media. Last Friday, August 31, I wrote my farewell post as the site’s host – see Moving Right Along. Soon there will be a new blogger hosting the site.

With some time and attention now freed up for other things, including blogging, one of my intentions is to post more regularly here on Thinking Home Business.

And my continuing preoccupation with the business application and implications of blogging and social media/Web 2.0, will certainly be reflected in what I post here.

I want to write more, too, about my observations and experiences on the whole subject of professionals working from home, which is a growing and – from where I sit – an unstoppable trend. What should people think about and look for when they are “taking the plunge” into working from a home base? Whether that is an assisted plunge or entirely voluntary. What are some of the pitfalls? Some of the benefits?

That, I think, gives me plenty to write about. But before I get too far along the track, I would appreciate some input, from you, dear reader, on what topics interest you more than others, in terms of what does and doesn’t appear here.

The question then, that I would like to put to you is: What Topics Would You Like this Blog to Focus On?

If you would like to contribute your view, there are three ways I can think of immediately for you to do that, any or all of which you are welcome to use. They are:

  • the simple poll in the sidebar – it’s multiple choice so you can check as few or as many as you wish
  • the comments field on this post
  • email me at deswalsh(at)gmail(dot)com

I look forward to hearing from you. Have Your Say!

In the meantime, watch this space. In the next day or so I will be reporting on, not one, but two contests with excellent prizes.

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  1. Martin Neumann says:

    Of course I’m biased, Des (aka SmallOfficeAustralia) but I’d like to read more about how the home-based business is/can utilise web 2.0 to match it with the big boys.

    We all know that blogging is the most cost-effective marketing tool … ever (that’s old news). You could write about various web 2.0ish apps that gives home-based businesses an edge – case studies, reviews, usages, predictions (at the end of the day I’m here to read what’s on your mind).


  2. I’ve known the joy of working from home since 1987, when I was looked at with more than a bit of skepticism when I told my friends, peers or others, that I was home based. Along the way I founded and sold four businesses and have become a work at home advocate and evangelist.

    I don’t know of anybody else, but you Des, who could bring the knowledge, intelligence and views on the entire spectrum of working from home and then conveying it to we who are working from hom.

    I’d love to see articles on how homesteaders could better use technology, social networks, leading edge tools like video, voip, etc, ideas on hiring and managing others and most of important an insight into how other home based workers are thriving successfully and conducting business, whether for themselves or others from home.


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