Blog Business Summit, Chicago, September 17-19

For anyone interested in how business blogging has evolved in the past two or three years, it’s an interesting exercise to look at the programs for the Blog Business Summit events, from the first summit, in Seattle, January 2005, to the upcoming Chicago event, September 17-19 this year. (NOTE: the September event in Chicago has now been cancelled.)

Wayback Machine logoWith some help from the wonderful Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive, I’ve been doing some browsing on the subject this morning. The browsing turned into a blog post at my Business and Blogging site. A few key points:

  • the program now is, understandably, more complex and nuanced that the program for the initial event
  • there are choices for different communities of interest
  • the social media context is addressed

Blog Business Summit Chicago 2007
As I mention in the post at Business and Blogging, I am a long term fan of Business Blog Summit and the team behind it, having been a sponsor, under the banner of this Thinking Home Business blog, for the first event.

At this point I have to be a fan from a distance. But I hope one day to get there, if they keep doing these events – and my guess is they will, for some time yet.

(UPDATE: Blog Business Summit announced August 27th that the Chicago event has been cancelled. And see my post about this here.)

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  1. Is anyone going to the blog expose in las vegas this year? I haven’t been to any of the blog summits or blog festivals yet but I’m anxious to go. I’m just wondering what it actually offers. Does a blog summit give you exposure or is it all about learning or what? I’m actually in a contest right now and the prize is a trip to las vegas blog expo in, I think, october or sept. Can’t remember exactly so that’s why I’m really curious.

    bookmarking demons last blog post..How Cool Is Bookmarking Demon?

  2. Chris
    From all accounts the events were excellent while they were on, but as you’ll see from the Update above, that event was cancelled – the link from the update tells you more. As you live near the Chicago area I recommend you check out the SOBCon 08 event in May, which going on the reports from last year’s should be an outstanding event:

  3. Hi, i just stumbled across this page. I live near the chicago area and this whole blog business summit thing has me very interested. Can anyone tell me what the event is like and what it covers?

    I know this post is somewhat old but I’m hoping it’s still being moderated

  4. Thanks Priscilla, but see my post of August 20 – 8 Random Things and Retiring from Tagging Games:

  5. Priscilla Palmer says:

    You have been tagged for The Personal Development Blog. (See my site for details), I would love for you to participate.


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