8 Random Things and Retiring from Tagging Games

FJohn Reinke has a great sense of humor and has tagged me in one of those “x random things about me” capers. He’s nominated his post as “Friday fun” and it’s early Monday here.

I’m going along with this one, because FJohn is a good bloke and it’s not going to hurt me to participate – partially. Mine is a partial participation because I’m breaking my particular bit of the chain in not tagging others. I’m also using this post to give notice that I’m officially retiring from these tagging memes. One reason is that last time I did one of these the participation rate by those I tagged was very low.

The rules for this one are:

1. Post these rules before you give you the facts.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names (linking to them).
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!

I’m observing the first two rules and breaking the others – i.e. no tagging by me

  1. I taught English in Germany
  2. I spent a Christmas in Galway, Ireland
  3. My middle name is James
  4. As a 12 year old I auditioned for a film and got to the final acting tests but no further
  5. In primary school I played the Wizard of Oz
  6. I have read War and Peace twice
  7. I have been to Venice
  8. I used to ride a Honda motorcycle until I decided I loved life

Sayonara, tagging games!

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  1. Thanks Priscilla. No, I have no need to be taken off the list and as I indicated I feel quite honoured to be on it.

  2. Priscilla Palmer says:

    Thanks for the comment of The Personal Development List. This list is meant to be a resource for everyone. Your site is a great resource in itself. So unless, you particularly want to be off the list (in which case I would willingly do so), I see no reason to remove such wonderful work from The list just because you have made the decision to quit the tagging game.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Martin Neumann says:

    Good on you for your sayonara from blogging memes, Des.

    I found them cool when they first started but now they’re just one after the other that they’ve lost their uniqueness.

    I’ve not bothered with them for quite a while now just never posted a “sayonara” post like you have. πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ Hey, Wiz, Whiz, or Mister W: It was Friday when I “tagged”. Don’t blame me just ’cause you goofed off all weekend instead of burnin’ the midnight oil like all us dedicated bloggers who are wearing our fingers down to the knuckles making enough “input” to satisfy that R2D2-like robot Number Five of the movie “Short Circuit”. Thanks for being a sport, and I’m glad you’re no longer an “organ donor” that’s what we on the First Aid Squad — that I was on for 12 years — called morotcyclists! πŸ™‚ l8r, fjohn


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