Practical Tips at Carnival of Blogging Success

Carnival of Blogging Success logo For an excellent selection of blogging tips, it’s worth checking out the current Carnival of Blogging Success, hosted by HomeBizBlogger’s Eve Lester.

I’ve selected just three as a sample.

First, if you’re still wondering how people do those screenshots you see here and there and whether you need some fancy software to do so, check out Barbra Sundquist’s really practical tip on HomeBusinessWiz – and no, you don’t need any extra software to get a screenshot.

Then on Blogclout, Ankesh Kothari provides some excellent advice in his post The Most Important Blogging Tool. Believe it or not, the answer is not WordPress.

And on his eponymous blog, Shaun Low has 10 Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog. If you think you already know how to increase comments on your blog, the post is still worth reading for Shaun’s commentary. The tenth tip is “Be controversial!”, which is what plenty of bloggers seek to do, some because that’s the way they are and some because, as Shaun says, this can help your comment flow. I’m a partial contrarian on that because my focus is usually on how businesses can integrate blogging into their overall strategy: in that context, being controversial, just to get comments, might actually be a dumb move. Which I suppose means I’m being controversial about (not) being controversial!

The next Carnival of Blogging Success is on August 25, and entries close on the same date. You can submit your entry at the blogging carnival site: just note that Eve makes it clear she goes through the entries and only accepts what is on topic and not spam.

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  1. Well, you are special, Barbra, so I’m glad to have helped you relish a feeling you are more than entitled to.

  2. Thanks for highlighting my article Des. It made me feel special!

  3. Thanks for the links Des, I am very glad this edition went so well, The next edition will be happening in about 2 weeks!

  4. A pleasure, Shaun. And everyone should check out your full post – great tips, very well explained (as you know, lots of people have tips but don’t explain well).

  5. thanks for publishing this!