Email Greeting Cards R.I.P.

I used to love getting email greeting cards.

And they were very handy in the sending department too:

  • those “almost forgot” birthday greetings, when the regular post is going to be too late
  • people you like but are not so close that you want to set up an obligation to reciprocate with posted cards for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other festival
  • when you want to send someone something just for fun, with the lightness of touch that comes of it being bits, not atoms

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Sadly, I suspect that the days of sending and receiving email cards might be numbered.

That’s to say, judging by the deluge of email greetings I’ve been receiving lately, purporting to be from:

  • a friend
  • a former schoolmate
  • a “mate” (the Aussie touch – hmmm)

How boring, that something which has probably done a lot of good for countless people and kept many connections alive or revived old connections may now be so discredited by the spammers that it will be on the way out.

Now what was that system we used to use in the olden days? An envelope? A card or a sheet of paper?

The postal services will be pleased – that is, unless the ease of email card-sending has made us just too lazy to use the paper version and find a postage stamp.

Whose day could you brighten with an old-fashioned greeting card, or just a note of friendship, with an envelope, and a stamp, and even “SWALK” on the outside of the envelope?

Sealed With A Loving Kiss

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  1. I really like the diversity and convenience of ecards. I don’t think the days of this system are completely numbered. Rather, certain companies will be avoided because of spam and others will grow exponentially. I also sense that unless people are willing to say who the card is from (i.e. use their real name or one recognizable to the receiver), then, people will simply continue to delete spam as they already do. I like to be the optimist[:-)]

  2. well the funny thing is . . . I was a little worried in responding to this add with all the crazy people with trick web sites and virus, but email is great for business, but we all are real people at the end of the day, and when we get home and open your mailbox after all the bills and stuff it is nice to open a card from some one that says
    I miss you!

  3. Mary Emma Allen says:

    Yes, the spammers have ruined it for those who use cards for a personal touch in business or in their family life. There were/are so many neat e-cards out there. However, I never open any unless I am absolutely sure it’s from someone I know. Now that I think of it, I realize that friends who regularly sent me e-cards no longer do.

  4. Yep – 37 in the last 2 weeks. Also from a worshipper, partner, family member, colleague even one of my neighbours (spelled Aussie style) got in on the act. I’d be wary of ever opening an e-card.

  5. Yes it’s sad that those spammers have to ruin practically any good thing that happens on the internet. I think sending a real card is a nice personal touch, though, and I’m trying to get organized to do just that.

    A few months ago a client of mine signed me up for Send out Cards, and I really like the idea of the convenience of it but adding a personal touch by sending out a card through the mail (you pick your cards online but they get sent through the mail).

    Angela Wills

  6. Caoimhin says:

    I received an email warning from friends in California that a virus was being distributed through the guise of E-greetings cards…be wary of opening them, even from names you may know as the virus picks up names from email address books.


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