First Life, Anyone?

Yesterday, via a couple of blog posts in my feed reader, I picked up on an article in Wired magazine, about the virtual world, Second Life.

The article’s title, How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life , is hardly likely to please Second Life boosters.

I went back – via my trusty avatar – to have another look around Second Life. I keep thinking there’s something I’ve missed. That may well be true, but objectively speaking it was definitely not the most productive hour of my day.

On my Business and Blogging site I posted about the Wired article, some bloggers’ comments on that article and my experience, with pics, in Second Life and a Pub With No Beer.

Mixed in with my basic curiosity about Second Life and the whole virtual worlds phenomenon was/is a desire to get a fix on the commercial possibilities.

While it seems some people are making a lot of money (as in real world or “First Life” currency), there seems just now to be at least as much chance of wasting money as making it.

One of the pictures I used for that post yesterday on Business and Blogging was a snapshot I’d taken of a virtual beach in SL, where after several hopeful visits I had decided it looked unlikely that I would ever see any “people”:

beach in Second Life

This morning, in First Life, on our regular walk along the beach at beautiful Rainbow Bay, with real sand between my toes, the fresh sea breeze, the warmth of the early morning sun and the sight of the surfers working the Snapper Rocks break, I decided that I really do like the Real Thing.

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  1. Got to admit – joined secon life – found it really boring, maybee I missed the point or maybe I did’nt give it long enough to get the hand of it. Perhaps the real fun starts then, but I couldn’t be bothered. But one things for sure there are a lot of people making money out of it.

  2. Sounds like a glimpse of the holodeck from Star Trek, especially “The Next Generation.” To me, such a place is useful for working out issue and solving mysteries when real spaces don’t allow. Yet, when people choose an electronic, virtual world over the virtual world they already create and project or choose to perceive, well, its a bit spooky!

  3. Great Post Des,

    I couldn’t agree more. We held our Blogpower Awards in Second Life and it was only interesting because of the virtual interaction with the other bloggers that I know. For all the frivolity and fun of the interaction I always felt it was incredibly shallow.

    I am with you on enjoying our beaches here in Adelaide and a real rather than a virtual beer.


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