Ed Dale Is Launching Another Thirty Day Challenge

With a whole lot of other people from around the world, I’ve signed up for an interesting exercise, the latest 30 Day Challenge.

It’s an extraordinary event, put on by Internet marketing wiz Ed Dale. What’s more, it is free. No strings, as far as I can see, and I make that observation in the light of the fact that I signed up last year: I did not complete the challenge because of other commitments, but there were no strings then and I can’t see any now.

The Challenge is described on the website as follows:

In a nutshell… The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.

You probably have to get into the Challenge to have any idea of what it is really like. Suffice to say that Ed, highly successful in this field himself, shares a huge amount of information and experience.

There are daily blog posts and instructional videos.

And there is a tremendous amount of sharing and mutual support among participants – as well as some vigorous rivalry!

I don’t know of any other program like it. Especially the free part.

The Challenge starts on August 1. People are joining now and forming teams, some locally, some internationally.

This year the Challenge is evidently going to be very much about using Web 2.0 tools.

Did I say it is free?

Tom Dean and others are blogging the experience.

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  1. Beau

    Good question. It has not made me money in the sense of a direct correlation between doing some of the course (frankly it was another year when I did not do the whole course – other things had to take priority) and earning income. But there is no question I learned a lot which has helped me in my online business. It has also helped me in my coaching business, in terms of the knowledge I have about what works and what doesn’t. So I am better equipped to help others, who pay me to coach them, etc. It’s a virtuous circle rather than a direct “did the course, made money from it” scenario for me.

  2. Des, it has been over a year since this post – did the 30 day challenge make you money? I have not read a lot of success stories.
    Just Wondering..

    Strategic Internet Marketings last blog post..What Have You Been Working On?

  3. Dean
    Well, yes, and it cost you time and therefore money to come and visit the site and leave your comment. The fact is, Ed Dale and his team put in a huge amount of time and effort each year – this is the third – to teach a whole bunch of people a lot of things they would otherwise be spending dollars/euros/whatever to learn, or a longer period of time on trial and error, and there is no money paid to him. There is also a whole framework of working in teams, which is not something you get out of the “internet summit” type of event, or a book.

    I understand your scepticism. But I know of no other program that offers what Ed offers, and I get no direct or indirect benefit from saying that.

    Yes, he runs paid programs, but as he says, that’s the other eleven months of the year. In three years now I’ve never had a hard sell or the usual emotional blackmail from Ed.

  4. Great idea. Though, I should note that there really is no such thing as free.

    It’s not that I’m trying to knock the campaign, because it is honorable to be helping people make money online, but every time someone sits there and says that it “cost you nothing”, I just develop an allergic reaction and sneeze. Ac chu.

    It’s free in the sense of no money is involved, but you are putting time to learning these tools and ultimately, and that does cost money. Time is money and yada, yada, 🙂

  5. Tom Dean says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Des.
    For being non-technical your blog is gorgeous! You have Web 2.0 everything.

    See you at the Challenge.


    ps – I fixed that typo.