Thinking Home Business Moves From Blogware to WordPress

Today this blog is being moved from its former host, BlogHarbor, to its new one, PressHarbor and from its former platform, Blogware, to WordPress.

For a while I was going to move the blog to another web host and spent a lot of time researching how best to do that. I was particularly concerned not to harm my ranking with the search engines. I could see the coming weekend disappearing while I endeavoured to do all this, learning as I went. As regular readers know, I am no techie – I respect those who are, it’s just not my thing. So I was not looking forward to that prospect.

The alternative, going with the PressHarbor WordPress hosting service, is proving to have been a smart move. Apart from exchanging a few emails and filling out a few boxes, I’ve not had to worry about the changeover process and have been able to get on with other things I needed to be doing.

By and large, the move is going pretty smoothly. I’m especially pleased that all the urls for the hundreds of posts on the old site have been successfully transformed into WordPress permalinks and I’ve been assured my level of Google juice will not have been diminished in the process.

There are a couple of challenges, the main one being that just now I can’t access the control panel for the site, which means I can’t right now upload a new theme of my choice. I know that will be sorted out quickly by PressHarbor. (Update: problem solved – it appears I was being a bit impatient!)

Various items from the sidebar in the old site have not made the transition but I expect to be able to reinstate them in their new home very soon.

I apologise for any inconvenience experienced by readers. Normal transmission will resume shortly.

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  1. Dean

    There is a plugin installed and activated, but obviously not showing up – another thing to check out! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Dean in DC [Sachi Studio] says:

    yeah- i agree about the commenting aspect as Martin mentioned. would be interesting to know how many valuable conversations and extra insights one may have missed because the obstacle that Blogware presented with that.

    Make sure you install a plugin that allows us to follow comments too!

  3. Congrat’s, Des!

    We’re in the same boat – I’m mostly done, but lots of small things to fix yet…

  4. Thanks Martin

    The worst with the other system was when people tried to login, found it too hard and gave up.

  5. Martin Neumann says:

    Looking good, Des – Kudos on making the move.

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with WordPress … at least I won’t have to login to make a comment … urrgh – so expect me to drop in and comment a lot more now that you’ve seen the light.

  6. thanks Dean

    The dogs bark, the caravan moves on.

  7. Dean in DC says:

    great job, Des. I’m glad to see you finally come over to the dark side 🙂