07/07/07 Marks the Day I Unsubscribed From Mike’s Mates’ Lists

I understand how it works with the affiliate marketing game. The Internet Marketing Gurus become one another’s affiliate partners. So if I’m one of that club and you are too, I help you pump your latest product on an agreed schedule and we create a buying frenzy for the once-in-a-lifetime-you’d-be-crazy-not-to-buy-now deal.

Next month we swap:  you and all the other Internet Marketing Guru Mates pump my product as the once-in-a-lifetime-you’d-be-crazy-not-to-buy-now deal.

And if the campaign can be on a day with an unusual date, say 07/07/07, well we can all send emails saying, “Isn’t this amazing? Did you know it was 07/07/07? No? Well, never mind about that: let me tell you about this amazing opportunity I want to share with you and the 100,000 other best friends on my  list.”

Talk about a total non-sequitur being paraded as having something to do with the product on offer!

So what happens to credibility?

Tough, it’s just business, baby.

Well, having left myself on a whole bunch of lists from earlier days of exploration about online marketing,   I’m marking 07/07/07 in my diary as Unsubscribe Day (or “Freedom from Marketing Email Blasts Day”). Actually, it’s now the 8th where I live but the Internet Marketing A-List Gurus are obviously working Saturday where they are and playing off the Truly Amazing Array of Date Numbers.

What’s brought on this on? Why am I agitated? It’s not even Monday!

If you are on any Internet Marketing A-List Gurus email list, you will know. Because you too will have received an email or ten from one or more of Mike’s Mates.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Mike or his products. I know he’s making lots of moolah and good luck to him. And his mates.

I just don’t want to be on the receiving end any more for one of these orchestrated blitz exercises. They clutter my inbox, distract me from what I want to be doing and generally discombobulate me.

I’m hoping this is some kind of G

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m right behind you on this one, Des.

    In fact that’s why I pretty much gave up on ePubDaily – I got disillusioned with the whole scene as you described above. It’s a very small club who cycle through each others offerings and push it endlessley – and they take it in turns.

    Even though I’m a big fan of j/v’s I found this to be rather a distaseful marketing technique.

    Nothing beats building relationships over time.