The CeBIT Blog

Minor rant.

Just found the official CeBIT blog (Update: not quite – it just looks like the official one. See note at the foot of this post.)

On blogspot?

Is that a chance missed for a platform vendor? SixApart? Blogtronix? etc.

Maybe Australia/CeBIT are not on the radar.

Then again, I see that Google are sponsors. But couldn’t they have made it look a bit more schmick than your basic blogspot template?

Hope they let me into the Blogger Zone tomorrow

UPDATE and Correction: If I’d looked closer at the sidebar on the CeBIT site I would have noticed a link to the real  Official CeBIT Blog integrated into the website structure. It looks like it’s exactly the same content as at the blogspot site – slightly confusing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Des,

    THis is interesting. We will be more than happy to start talking to them. We will get their contact info from the link you provided. It can definately look better and more professional most importantly, with any of the mentioned vendors above …. Thanks for the hint ..


    George, Blogtronix