Archives for May 2007

A Funny Story About (Not) Searching

One of the many things I’ve learned in the process of co-authoring a couple of books for the recruiting industry is that professional sourcing of suitable, available candidates is a skill unlikely to be acquired quickly and potentially worth excellent remuneration for those who master it. But you would think that people looking for candidates […]

Amazing Activity List for Home Based Business Person’s Children

For parents working from home and facing the prospect of children being at home on vacation for the next few months, Wendy Piersall has put together an amazing list of 94 ways to keep the kids busy without having to close the business down. A mother herself and a successful home based business owner, Wendy […]

Re-marking the Pathway to Making Money Online

Reading Jim Kukral’s blog, Marketing Ideas Online, is not good for my daily timetable. I tend to get distracted from what I’d intended to do. I’m not complaining. It’s just that he’s always coming up with something of real interest and value. Like today. Something like an hour and a half ago I took his […]

How to Avoid Basic Mistakes in Starting a Home Based Business

Once you’ve been online for a while you know that there is never a shortage of home based business “opportunities” on offer. Some of these are excellent. Others are really disguised opportunities to lose your money, your friends and your natural optimism. So how do you tell the difference? There’s the Three Step Character Building […]

New Australian Blogs Community – Pass It On

An idea whose time has come, I reckon. I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be good to have an online focal point for the Australian blogging community. Even talked about it. Meg has taken action and set up a community on the BUMPzee! social networking platform. For all the details, including how […]