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Wendy Shares Her Learnings from the Elite Retreat

Last week in San Francisco, the prolific E-Moms at Home blogger Wendy Piersall attended the online marketing “Elite Retreat”, having won a competition for a free ticket ($5,000 for everyone else). Wendy is a great sharer as well as being a highly qualified coach. Typically, she has not simply blogged the event, with pics, but has […]

Great Pictures of Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day – No Shamrocks

I’m sure there is an abundance of stock photos of Ireland from which I could choose to dress up this brief post in honour of St Patrick’s Day and as acknowledgement of all I owe to my various Irish forebears. Green would inevitably be the predominant colour and shamrocks would no doubt feature. But the […]

The Myth of the “Best” Blogging Platform

I’m currently writing a series on blogging platforms, on my Business and Blogging site, which no doubt contributed to my taking particular notice today of an item on Blog Business Summit, linking to a very neat and helpful post My Top 5 Blogging Tools by Todd Ziegler, which includes the following hearty endorsement of WordPress : WordPress […]

Unusual Gift For the Very Busy Home Business Person

I know some people work very hard and are so busy with their work they “don’t have time” for anything but the most basic activities other than work. People who work from home are sometimes (often?) prone to that – actually they rarely have time to be prone, being so busy being chief executive, chief […]

Nothing Like a Change of Your Blog’s Style to Make You Feel Better

Nothing like a change of your blog’s style to make you feel better. And it can be such a quick and relatively pain-free exercise you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. One of the best things about using a blog as your primary means of online business communication is the ease with which you […]