Business Blogging Podcast Show Launched – Part 4

(Update July 9, 2012: the website Business Blogging Show, to which this series of posts refers, was closed some time ago – just a matter of how many sites I could handle and it was one too many. DW)

After my previous post on launching my new podcast Business Blogging Show, I had not really planned to have a fourth post in the “launching” series. But given the fact that – to construe the launching metaphor in nautical terms – the Show is now becalmed, owing to what appears to be a malfunctioning engine at Podserve, so I thought I should report on the state of play (or non-play, to be more precise).

I mentioned in that previous post the problem I’d had with accidentally deleting the whole show in its first incarnation. And in keeping with the long-established tradition of this blog, where I report on my blunders along the technology adaptation path, in the fond hope that I might encourage others when they realise how smart they are compared to me in the tech arena, I have to report that I am currently totally stymied, flummoxed and bamboozled in the Podserve department.

And by the way, although it’s not about the Business Blogging Show, I’m having serious trouble too with another podcasting service, Clickcaster, which came highly recommended from someone (can’t recall), but has now taken up far more of my time than I care to think about. But that’s another post – back to Podserve.

The problem I now have with Podserve is that whatever new podcast I upload, when I click on the play arrow I get the first podcast I uploaded playing. It’s not about file size because today I uploaded a relatively small file, only a couple of minutes, and the same thing happened.

I’ve sent a bug report (they promise free t-shirts as a potential prize, which is a bit of a worry when you think about it, but it is an alpha version of the product, so I can’t in all honesty really complain).

If you have subscribed to the Business Blogging Show – and last time I looked there were 117 subscribers, which is rather neat – my apologies for any confusion with feeds of podcasts that proved to be unavailable.(As of March 5, 282 subscribers – I do hope those who are interested will find the new site!).

I do like the Podserve setup, although I feel it could be made a tad friendlier to us non-techies. Hopefully the Podserve people have their Google Alert or whatever set to let them know when they are mentioned in the blogosphere and my problem will soon be solved. 

Otherwise I will have to find another hosting arrangement (which I have had to do). And one lesson – among several – that has come out of this launching experience is that it is probably a very good idea to own your own domain name for your podcasts. As I own the domain I can manage a bit of moving around of the content.

(Update March 5: the program has now found a long-term home with its own URL and RSS feed )

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  1. Thanks for the response. I think I would have sent the bug report on Feb 21, or maybe Feb 22. I’ll phone Monday – it will be afternoon because of time zones.

  2. Found your comment. For some reason we never got your bug report. When did you send it? We don’t have any similar bug reports – i.e. usually bugs affect more than one user. I apologize you are having problems. Give us a call on Monday after 10AM or so and we can see if we can figure out what is going on. We are out of t-shirts, but if you give us your address we will send one when we reorder. Our number is 214.550.3600.