2000 Bloggers Seems to Have Helped My Technorati Ranking

At one level, joining Tino Buntic’s 2000 Bloggers pictorial parade was a bit of fun, as I wrote here.

Also, I partially rationalised the time I spent on it by wanting to test a suggestion I read somewhere, on Tino’s site maybe? that participating could help my Technorati ranking by increasing traffic, multiplying links. Traffic as such is fairly meaningless for my purposes here from a business point of view, and I must confess that for this blog I have never really done much about seeking targetted traffic (sounds of tut-tutting by my seo/traffic-targetting colleagues). But I do find what has happened quite interesting and I trust that my sharing it will be of interest to some. Anyone else need read no further today.

Let me say I’m always a little wary of attributing direct causality to related events – one of the classic logical fallacies, as I learned long ago, is “post hoc non ergo propter hoc”, which loosely translated means that just because effect B happened after action A, it doesn’t necessarily follow that B happened because of A (for more on this see the Wikipedia entry, with its interesting link to the second episode of one of my must-watch programs, The West Wing).

But the figures are interesting. When I checked the Technorati ranking of this blog about when I put my photo up for 2000 Bloggers it was ranking 32 thousand and some hundreds. Whether that was before the picture was actually posted or not is not material, because when I went back and checked a day or so, it appeared that Technorati had not updated the ranking for some 22 days, well before 2000 Bloggers burst on the scene.

But here’s the thing: in that time this blog had moved from the 32 thousand something ranking to just over 25,000.

I’ve just checked back and in the space of a few hours, the ranking has improved by some 2,355 and the number of blogs linking has gone up from 132 to 146.

I actually believe that much of the shift of some 10,000 (give or take) places in Technorati’s rankings is quite plausibly attributable to my participation in Tino’s 2000 Bloggers project. I am pretty sure there is some influence also from my increasing participation at MyBlogLog, where I go by the moniker of Beachblogger.  But that’s another post.

Actually, I’m still a bit mystified about all this. My actual traffic numbers don’t seem to have spiked dramatically in recent weeks, although in the past 48 hours there has been a noticeable increase. As I don’t know how Technorati ranking is calculated, I would not hazard a guess about what all this means. As always, I welcome comments from anyone who can throw some light on this or have their own story to add or link to (but not thinly disguised or undisguised plugs for seo courses please).

Through the 2000 Bloggers project I’ve also discovered interesting blogs which I might not otherwise have found,  like Lisa Ray’s intriguingly named Two Knives (the clue is there – and no it’s not another chef blog) – thoughtful, humorous, and now in my feed reader.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure if Tino ever did anything like this again – which I doubt anyway – he would not include people without asking or inviting them. But surely you get a smidgin of pleasure that you were famous enough to be one of the people he included without their asking?

    I’ve read Rose’s post and the comments. As I say, it’s been an education.

    Although I do wonder whether Google’s algorithm would punish for incoming links – after all, there will surely always be incoming links that we can’t practically block or control. Outgoing links are another story, of course.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Des, that’s my concern, too. I’m part of it, not that I had a choice, I was simply included in the initial 300 Tino seeded the collage with.

    I have no idea what triggers Google to penalize linkfarm participants, but it clearly won’t be a person, just an algorithm:-(

    Check out the comments to this post for more…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I think I’d be hard put to explain the business value of Technorati rankings to anyone. My concern however with all the hooha is that Google may decide to penalise people with links from the various replica sites. Again, I have my own views about Google page rank, but my understanding is that some advertisers take notice of it and a reduction in or complete loss of ranking could affect some business bloggers adversely.

  4. Anonymous says:


    As you would know, I have never claimed to be a technical expert in the blogosphere. And that goes too for SEO, ranking, and things like link farms. Your comment, which I saw when I was away at a conference, triggered a little alarm for me. Now that I’m back, I’ve read your post and others and I have mixed feelings. Now here’s what the online marketers like to call the “shocking truth” – I didn’t know whether a link farm was bad. Having read your post and others I see the light. Link farm bad, no link farm good.

    First, I joined for fun and then, no doubt naively, I expressed some wonder at what was happening with my Technorati ranking. I noticed and reported that there did not seem to be any material difference in unique visitor numbers. I also noticed that my Google rank seemed not to have changed. So I haven’t been kidding myself on that score.

    But now that I’ve been educated by you and others, how should I in future respond when A and B and C listers beg me to vote for their blogs in awards? Is that not artificially inflating status?

    And I do find the comments about the top 100 having a “closed shop” interesting. Hadn’t been aware of those allegations, but as a long time student of history and politics, I don’t have a problem contemplating the possibility that yet another group of upright citizens might have started out to do good, finished up doing well and don’t want to share the stage. And my observation, quite unoriginal, is that power and influence are very rarely shared voluntarily or altruistically.

    Whatever Tino’s motivation, maybe some people who participated thought, hang this business of the rest of us being lorded over by the self-appointed elite, Let’s shake it up a bit.

    Thanks for sharpening my focus on all this stuff. Now I’m going to get back to work 🙂

  5. It helped mine a lot. And now it’s being shut down.
    I don’t think that the 2000 Bloggers meme was such a big deal. I did introduce a number of new bloggers to my blog. Now it’s up to me to keep them interested by writing good content.
    What I don’t get is this emphasis on the Technorati ranking system in the first place.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Des, It’s quite obvious. “2000 Bloggers” is becoming a linkfarm.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing litlte thing, isn’t it! I’ve met more new bloggers from around the globe thru this thing than I’d ever have met just suring other blogs. And I’ve noticed my rank’s gone up too! how cool!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Des,

    This is an amazing phenomenon to watch. I just posted a comment to Tino’s blog, so hopefully I get picked too.

    I’ve been watching my technorati ranking rise with my virtual book tour – from 2,426,991 to 398,174 in two weeks. Although I wonder how exact or meaningful those numbers are. Two links disappeared within a few hours, and linking to previous posts on my own blog counts. Definitely there are ways to ‘cheat’ the system.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens if my photo gets added.

  9. Thinking Home Business says:

    2000 Bloggers Party Rolls On

    Thanks to John Philip (Jaypee) Habaradas, today I received the code to enable me, in principle, to display here …

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, thank God for showing me how to put our 2000 Bloggers Project pics on my blog one Saturday. My Technorati ranking was already steadily rising, and now it’s at 8,286 and going up, up, up!

  11. I just got the code from Jaypee – and it works.

    Just included this code in my post on my blog and voila – all pictures including the link were there.

    So, if You want to include the pictures on your blog, go to http://jaypeeonline.net/?p=173 and leave a comment.

    Jaypee will send it. But pay attention to your spam-folder, because this was it, where his mail landed with me.

    PS: The number of my technorati links is still increasing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey Des,
    It’s amazing isn’t it? My Technorati ranking has dropped from 400,000 to 100,000 in a few days. I’ve since posted up the 2000 bloggers on my blog and I believe there is an added benefit besides working for the greater good – each blogger in the collage will get a link shown on their WordPress Dash and Technorati account, showing a link to your blog.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m on it too and have noticed my Technorati ranking definitely improving, although like you Des, not a lot of new traffic to my blog, but some. But definitely heaps more incoming links. Definitely an interesting exercise. Thanks to Joerg re the code too – I was trying to work out how to get it on my blog.

  14. Anonymous says:


    I just found out, how the pictures were linked to our blogs.

    Have a look at:


    He offers the code, to integrate the pictures and the links to your blog.

    best wishes

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hay Des Your part of the quilt. It would be so cool to see the Long Tail in action and a run on this book thanks to your post an insight into what’s what and who’s who in Bali.

    Your friend,


    I was able to capture the book image from Amazon at


  16. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the comment. Why and how did they link to your blog? Well, all the pics are hyperlinked to the bloggers’ respective sites, so when you click on one of the pictures you get the person’s url and if you double click it takes you to the blog. And then there are your good looks 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:


    thank You for the explanation.

    I just was wondering, why Technorati showed yesterday 126 links, instead of the link-number in the mid seventies, as it was round about two weeks ago.

    I had no clue, why and how this increase could happen.

    After reading your post, I took a closer look at Technorati – and indeed, there are a lot of links, which relate to the 2000 bloggers page.

    I am one of them as well.

    So may be, we have found the reason.

    There just remains one question:

    Why and how did those bloggers link to my blog?

    Perhaps You know an answer?