Want to Talk About LinkedIn?

John Jantsch, blogger extraordinaire, has kicked off a discussion about LinkedIn the social network service. He has invited readers to contribute their thoughts on LinkedIn and suggests that comments cover:

  • How you use it for business
  • Success stories about connections made
  • Horror stories about wasting time

There is a good lineup of people who either actively dislike LinkedIn or just haven’t found it helped them. Others put the view that LinkedIn is another tool, not the be-all and end-all. As someone who has definitely benefited in various ways from my membership of LinkedIn – and of related groups – and having co-authored a book on how recruiters use LinkedIn – I am definitely on the side of the discussion which says, if you use LinkedIn in a sophisticated way, it can really help you.

And I’ve left a link in the comments to Scott Allen’s authoritative LinkedIntelligence blog – a must-read, must-syndicate for anyone who wants to be up with the latest thinking on LinkedIn and how to use it.

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  1. I have to admit that Linkedin’s question and answer service is on my list of “getting around to”. I have noticed some discussion about apparent spamming of the service – floating a “question” just to promote yourself or your service. The impression I have is that that sort of thing goes with the territory but no doubt it will be a challenge for LinkedIn. However, my colleague Bill Vick has used it to get some useful feedback on what our next co-authored book could most usefully address. And I was impressed with the extent and depth of response Frank Kanu got when he floated the question of how people would define leadership – a subject on which most of us have opinions, I am sure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Des, I was wondering how much you have used the question answer service of linkedin, and if you have found it useful. I have only asked two questions, one I sent to everyone in my network, the other I did not. The first has received a lot of comments, the other not. I thought that was interesting, might be the topic, or maybe its the connection with my colleagues.

    As the moderator for the linkedin blogging group, I thought you might have some extra perspective on this question.