2000 Bloggers Project Good Fun

This has got to be one of the all-time “why didn’t I think of that” ideas put into action.

Tino Buntic decided to link to a whole lot of bloggers, 2000 in all, with pictures, from Donald Trump (yes, the Donald has a blog) to Jeremiah Owyang, to, well, me. How I get to be there is that, like many others, I went to the site and accepted Tino’s invitation to nominate. Tino is mixing everyone in together, A-listers, B-listers, C-listers (whatever all that stuff means anyway), and it’s quite a fun project to be part of.

I admit I got a kick this morning out of  seeing my pic there. But what was really fascinating was to go through the photos one by one and see who is there – on the website you will see that each picture shows the name when you mouseover and the url to the person’s blog. Which is why when I saw the name Toby come up, three along to the right of my picture on the last line here, I thought “that has to be Toby Bloomberg” and according to the link, it is. Which is nice, because Toby and I are both contributors to Business Blog Consulting and email one another from time to time about various things.

Tino has indicated that being part of the exercise has helped blog rankings on search engines.

I’m sure it will help Tino’s business and career. And good luck to him: a good idea, well implemented. And fun to be part of.

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  1. Colleen W says:

    Hey, definitely a unique cool idea! Sounds like it was really fun! Wonder if it will be happening again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish we had something like this on Linkedin Bloggers!
    – Dennis

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Des! I spotted you in there..Nice shirt 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is Toby!
    The $64000 Question-Can We Do This Again?
    Yes The next list: 200(0) Suits. (since the workplace has become almost clothing optional with Aloha Friday, Dress Down Tueday’s ) “The Blogeretti-The Men and Women of Hotel @nyware”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oops, never mind, you’ve found it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Des, I saw your comment. I have already included you (but it may take some time to actually find your face if you search!)