I’m Being Interviewed By Debbie Weil

I was quite delighted recently to receive an invitation by corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil, to be interviewed by her on The Corporate Blogging Show.

This is an honour and very pleasurable to look forward to. As anyone who has read one of Debbie’s blogs, such as her BlogWrite for CEOs, or her excellent print publication The Corporate Blogging Book, Debbie is very knowledgeable, an enthusiast for blogging, practical about the business implications – and whimsical.

The interview is at 3 pm, US EST, on this Tuesday Dec 12, which is noon Pacific Time and 6am Wednesday Dec 13 on my side of the Pacific (at least up here in the north – in Sydney it will be 7am on the 13th).

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About Des Walsh

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  1. Thanks Dennnis

    I will post here about the book writing experience. Lots of people writing books these days so I guess there will be some interest.

  2. Nice interview, Des. I listened this morning via my little MP3 player while walking my dog along a nearby creek under glorious sunshine here in beautiful Alexandria, Virginia USA (we all aren’t lucky enough to live in Australia near extinct volcanoes, you know!)

    I thought your comments about collaboration tools were interesting in connection with book writing – I wouldn’t mind hearing more about your experiences along those lines.

    Dennis McDonald


  3. Des,

    Can’t wait to hear your voice from Down Under! Tx for your kind words.


  4. An honor yes, but a well deserved one.