How Networking Happens With LinkedIn

A recent article in Business 2.0, LinkedIn, the MySpace for Adults, provides a neat overview of LinkedIn, where it’s come from, where its owners say they are taking it and how it seems to be going in the online networks ratings game.

It also offers a few points of view on how best to make use of it, not all of those points of view being by any means a  reflection of the LinkedIn corporate line. It includes comments from some power users, as well as from owners Reid Hoffman and Konstantin Guericke.

As the article makes clear, LinkedIn is an especially useful resource for recruiters.

From what I know of the practicalities as a LinkedIn user and from what I learned in the process of co-authoring Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting, I feel the article does a very good jobof explaining LinkedIn, its purpose and why people who use it find it helpful. I recommend this article for anyone curious about LinkedIn or already a member and wanting to make better use of the service.

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  1. Des,

    I’m a big fan of LinkedIn myself for 2 reasons.

    a) The people that introduced my to Linked in weren’t ‘Techies’ but rather people who are good at the ‘networking’. If it’s good enough for them , then it’s good enough for me.

    b) Sending a linked in invitation (and getting it accepted) informally changes a contact from ‘somebody I know’ to ‘somebody I know that is willing to refer business’.