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Blogging Events List

There are some blogging events which are quite well publicized in advance, such as the Blog Business Summit and BlogHer. But I’m not aware of any listing of conferences and other events about blogging, which could be of use particularly to people in business. And it doesn’t help when some blogging conference organizers, who out […]

Up The Country With High Speed Internet

Well, I’ve got to roam, maybe find me a brand-new home. Goin’ Up theCountry , Alan Wilson I’ve been working from home for a lot of years now, but until two and a half years ago I did that from a city base. And as long I was doing consulting work which required me to […]

Recruiting Big Biller Audiobook – Early Bird Special

More than once in the past I’ve finished the year with a major project or two not complete and hanging over my head during the Christmas break. So it’s a very agreeable feeling this year that the audiobook project I’ve been working on with my Dallas, Texas colleague Bill Vick, is now complete and on the […]

Australian Blogging Conference in March 2007 Announced

I would love to see an Australian blogging conference happen and of course would love to participate. Just over a year ago, Duncan posted a call for an Australian blogging conference. Darren and others commented. I commented here. James had held a conference in Sydney earlier in 2005. In October this year, Trevor punted “Time […]

I’m Being Interviewed By Debbie Weil

I was quite delighted recently to receive an invitation by corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil, to be interviewed by her on The Corporate Blogging Show. This is an honour and very pleasurable to look forward to. As anyone who has read one of Debbie’s blogs, such as her BlogWrite for CEOs, or her excellent print […]