Here’s a Quick Way to Set Up a Business Blog

I love doing presentations to business groups about blogging. For one thing, spending too long at the keyboard and screen as many of us do it is really good to go out and talk with people face to face! But it’s more than that – it’s a privilege and a joy to have the undivided attention of a group of business people for anywhere between, usually, 40 and 60 minutes, just to share your passion and show people how they too can tap into this incredible business tool.

Today, speaking to franchisees of Computer Solutions Sales & Service at their international convention here in Tweed Heads, was especially gratifying:

  • great group of people serious about business and open to ideas
  • had 90 minutes!
  • wireless connection so I could go beyond my usual slide show

What I hadn’t planned for was the keenness of the people for me to show them how to actually set up a blog.

I took up the challenge and opened the BlogHarbor site. Five minutes later, they had a site up, with their first post – no need to futz about with credit cards, confirmation of emails, no special geeky knowledge required, no configuring databases…

The effect was so positive and the people so enthusiastic about the possibilities, that I know I just have to make sure I include this process in any future presentation.

What’s even better is that the franchisor and group of franchisees really got how blogging can help their brand and their businesses.

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About Des Walsh

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  1. Anonymous says:


    It was great to meet you and I was very impressed with the speed with which Peter had your blog up and running!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Teresa and congratulations on taking action. I look forward to great posts about the wineries and eateries of the marvellous Barossa!

  3. Computer Solutions International Convention

    Sunny Tweed Heads (yeah right!! rain solidly for one of the days) played host to a very successful International Convention….

  4. Anonymous says:

    As one of the participator’s in the weekend’s Computer Solutions Conference at Tweed Heads, I was very excited about what Des had to share to us about the blogging. My husband & I have a franchise in Forest Lake Queensland and he has already created our own blog site.

    Thanks again Des for your passion and for your instruction.

    Brenda G

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou again Des for your wonderful input that you gave to us franchisees at the Computer Solutions Sales & Service conference on Nov 5th 2006.

    I have set up my own

    Thankyou again from Teresa – Computer Solutions Barossa

  6. Des, you are right on with this post. Getting out and sharing your blogging passion is fun wonderful and, showing people how easy it is to set up really does make a difference. It’s like a light bulb goes on and they realize blogging really is do-able. Thanks for sharing.

  7. John Keegan dot org says:

    Start blogging in 5 minutes

    Des Walsh was speaking at a convention today:
    What I hadn’t planned for was the keenness of the people …