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Five Trusty Tibetans to Help Stay Healthy

As a follow up to my post yesterday, If You Own a Small Business, You’d Better Stay Healthy, I thought tonight I should mention something that has been very helpful for me and is very manageable in terms of space and time for even the busiest home based professional (or for that matter even those […]

If You Own a Small Business You’d Better Be Healthy

In the past – a long time in the past – I had the good fortune to work in situations where I actually got paid even while I was off sick. I was enough of a workaholic – fact, not particularly proud of it – that I was usually keen to get back to work as […]

From Newtown, not Newbridge, a New Australian Idol

Although I’m by no means a regular watcher of Australian Idol, I was interested to read a couple of pundits’ observations that this year the finalists seemed to have some real talent as singers and performers. So I tuned in to a bit of the extravaganza last night. The winner, 30 year old Damien Leith, […]

Tris Comments on the IE7 Push

For some time now my browser of choice has really been Mozilla Firefox, although I still use Internet Explorer from time to time – version 6 that is. My understanding from picking up stray comments is that there have been problems with IE6, especially in terms of vulnerability to nasties. I understand further that it […]

Happy Thanksgiving

To all the Americans, Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone else, happy your-occasion-of- choice. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads my posts, regularly or occasionally, and for the feedback, comments and link love. A special thanks to the legion of fellow bloggers –  I have experienced amazing support, encouragement and help from many […]