My LinkedIn Connections Illustrated

I know the basic theory about social networking, the “six degrees” of separation and so on. The reality still amazes me – unlike the “super connector hubs” on LinkedIn I have only 236 immediate, “level 1” connections, in 55 industries, but their connections and the connections of their connections connect me with over 2 million people in 147 industries.

(Note: somehow the image got corrupted so I’ve removed the wreckage.)

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About Des Walsh

I show business owners and other professionals how to navigate the social media maze and use LinkedIn effectively. I'm an author, speaker, business coach, social media strategist and LinkedIn specialist. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. And to stay in the loop, get my weekly Social Business Bites.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I started to notice a few other favicons and decided to give it a burl.

    Glad you’ve joined LinkedIn. It’s opened lots of doors for me – especially by joining LinkedIn-related groups on Yahoo!, such as LinkedIn Bloggers.

  2. Hi Des,

    I notice your favicon is also the photo you dusted off from 2005, and reposted in the Publisher component. Nice! I like it, as you know.

    Took a look at LinkedIn, and joined, though I have no business nouse of any kind – yet! But contacts are essential to get the ball rolling, so thanks.

    Kerry (my BH blog is resting while I re-edit – tasmanianphotographers).