New Business Blog Directory Has Standards

A new business blog directory, i Blog Business, claims to be so different from the many other  blog directories that only about 20% of the blogs submitted are being accepted for inclusion.

According to the press release, blogs submitted to the directory “must

meet strict editorial guidelines to ensure they are focused and relevant

for business professionals”. I must say I read this with a degree of scepticism, as my experience to date with blog directories is that if you want to submit your blog to them, whether you have a blog worth reading or not, you’re in like Flynn.

But then I had a look at this new directory, a fairly quick look I’ll admit, but I was impressed to find blogs listed from people I know and respect, including  Internet and blog expert Dave Taylor and the One by One Media people. I also found other interesting, thoughtfully written blogs such as Scott Ingram’s Network in

Another plus for me was that the press release included an enthusiastic quote from my fellow LinkedIn Blogger Mike Sansone, publisher of the ConverStations blog, who coaches business owners on how to use blogging to build conversations with their customers. So I figured that if I submitted a blog or two – and was accepted! – there was every indication I would be in good company. So I’ve submitted this blog and will see how it goes.

One small tweak which would surely help the owners, TMA E-Marketing, would be to add to the directory’s About Us page a link to their own website, where there is a physical address and other indications of a “serious” business, details which are lacking on the actual directory.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I see Practical Blogging has now been included. Of course!

  2. I posted this on my forum. Great post (also delicioused it for my daily links on sleepyblogger).

    I submitted my link. Here’s hoping I’ll get in. 😉

  3. Mr. Walsh,

    Thanks for your kind words about our new Business Blog Directory. We appreciate your support and look forward to accepting your blog:) I’ll be sure to add TMA’s website URL to the about us page in the near future.

    BTW- thanks for taking note on the quality of the included content. We work hard to scrutinize every blog and the ‘In Like Flynn” comment really gave us a sense of accomplishment.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work here!

    Best Regards,