A Glimpse of Blogs in Academia

Interesting article in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review Education supplement (not online as far as I can tell), PhD students enter the blogosphere.

The main focus of the article is, as the title indicates, on how PhD students are using blogs to share information and personal experiences.

A site at the New University of Lisbon – PhDWeblog – lists blog sites from around the world.

At my alma mater, the University of Sydney, Mary-Helen Ward and several other students have been blogging their PhD experiences but the blogs are behind the firewall. Ms Ward also has a public blog, Faultlines.

At the Australian National University, PhD student Jim Cumming has a blog, Doctoral Practices, which in the words of the Fin Review reporter Erica Cervini, ‘aims to promote creative ways of talking about the PhD experience’.

In an interesting demonstration of how blogging and mainstream media can interact, Cumming has posted today – Interacting with the media – about the experience of being interviewed for the article, with a comparison of this experience and previous experiences with the media.

Just noticed that Ms Ward has also commented on the Fin Review article here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this post, Des. Bronwyn Clarke has a post on her blog – http://melete.wordpress.com/2006/10/06/academic-blog-links/ – on academic blogs that that provides some interesting links