Why Can’t Amazon Find a Way to Get My Parcel Here?

Until recently I’ve been a great fan of Amazon, especially because – provided I was buying more than one or two books at a time – I could get better value for money than buying locally in Australia.

Now I’m not so sure.

I ordered four books. According to Amazon’s own online tracking system, the package was ordered on Sept 14 and shipped on Sept 15. Great!

No, actually. By Sept 19 it was not in the US, and not in Australia, but in “DE”. Isn’t that Germany? Wha…? And still there, apparently.

Now the screen says I can expect delivery by October 24. That’s more than the up to 20 working days they promise and positively bizarre when the Amazon site says the package will come by air to Australia and then be delivered by the local postal service. Now I know Australia Post can be slow. But not that slow!

So ok, I’ll use the email support system. I fill out the various bits of information, but then the message won’t go and I keep getting an alert that I haven’t filled out some bits of information, but there is no indication of which bits I haven’t provided.

One of the books in the package is “Getting Things Done – the Art of Stress-free Productivity” by David Allen.

Looks like Amazon could make use of the book. Or have they focused on the stress-free bit and forgotten about the GTD?

Yes, I will email them, but as the system they’ve set up won’t work, I’m wondering how I will go with regular email. If anyone has any words of advice I would love to hear them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happily the parcel has arrived. One of the books is Getting Things Done, by David Allen – see http://www.davidco.com . Maybe Amazon’s version could be – “Getting Things Done – Eventually”? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah – I’ve noticed the same thing over the last month or so. The occassional delivery comes through in record time (a week) but the majority of what I’ve been ordering is taking well over a month now.