Archives for October 2006

Social Media De-mazed

“Social bookmarking”, “social media”, “Web 2.0”, “social networking”, “blogging”, “podcasting”, “blogosphere”… How are non-IT business people, who just want to know what’s happening online and what that has to do with their business, to get a grasp of it all? Well, for a start they could download a copy of the complimentary introductory guide,  Social […]

GTD – Why Sometimes You Need to Just Take Action

Anyone who has been on the path of endeavouring to set up an online business and hasn’t yet heard the cash register ringing out its merry song will surely find inspiration in Michelle Corey’s current post Remember That Journey to Building an Online Business? It is an essay on the words “Just do it. Take […]

Blog Business Summit Feedback and Australian Blogging Conference

In the light of a recent post on Trevor Cook’s Corporate Engagement, and a couple of mine here  and here about the idea of an Australian blogging conference – or “bloggeruncon” – it was instructive to read this morning a post from the Blog Business Summit (BBS) now on in Seattle – The Top Five Constructive […]

My LinkedIn Connections Illustrated

I know the basic theory about social networking, the “six degrees” of separation and so on. The reality still amazes me – unlike the “super connector hubs” on LinkedIn I have only 236 immediate, “level 1” connections, in 55 industries, but their connections and the connections of their connections connect me with over 2 million […]

Aussie Startup “Find It” Brings Web 2.0 to Bear on the Classified Ads Scene

Any Australian individual or business wanting access to economical classified advertising online should be rooting, as our American friends say, for entrepreneur Mark Fletcher. Mark is underwriting and driving a startup, community-focused online classified ads site, Find It. The site is currently in pre-beta and all ads are accordingly free just now. But even when […]