Business Blogging at Byron Bay

Another presentation on business blogging coming up, this time at Byron Bay, a truly beautiful place by any standard. It’s about a forty minute drive for me and the event is a business breakfast, coordinated by the Northern Rivers Business Advisory Service (NORBAS) in collaboration with the Department of State and Regional Development as part of this state’s Small Business Month program. The event doesn’t seem to be listed on the Department’s site, but I am assured it is definitely on.

It’s going to be a focused presentation, as there are three speakers between 7 am and 8.30am. I have the third slot.

The other speakers are Morris Kaplan and Dave Heggie.

Morris Kaplan is a Byron local, and best-selling author. He has founded two Internet companies and we are promised that he will explain “why most small businesses will be left stagnating in the wake of their customers becoming more Internet savvy than the business owners”.

Dave Heggie, with whom I shared the podium a couple of weeks ago for a similar gig in Ballina, is an all-round Internet/web development/educator guy and saved my bacon in Ballina when the officially supplied laptop would not read my CD, but Dave’s would. Dave is the owner of the eponymous Digital and Virtual Education (DaVE).

Byron Bay, the easternmost tip of Australia, has many claims to fame, from its ancient geological history and the history of the indigenous inhabitants, through the whaling days up to the present, as a place for an unusually diverse community from surfers to New Age seekers, as a glance at the site of the independent Echo newspaper will quickly show.

I’m looking forward to a stimulating session in a beautiful location.

As a bit of an experiment, I’ve taken some screenshots today of blog search engines, including Google Blog Search and Gnoos, with the search term “Byron Bay” and will see tomorrow night whether I’ve been able to rate a mention for this or some related post. If so, I’ll whack a couple of extra slides in. If not, only those who read this blog will know.

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  1. “why most small businesses will be left stagnating in the wake of their customers becoming more Internet savvy than the business owners”

    What a stunning thought and absolutely bang on target.


  2. Ailsa

    It was actually last year.

  3. Ailsa Inness says:

    When is the talk actually on??

    I’m in Mullum and would attand if I could find some details.


  4. Thinking Home Business says:

    More Byron Bay – Great Breakfast at Fresh but Where’s the Website?

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  5. Des,

    Is this event scheduled for this week? In any case, I hope you post some highlights from each speaker’s presentation.

    My area small business center is sorely lacking in sharing this type of information. Thank goodness for Internet interaction.

    I’m eager to read what all of you have to say about business blogging.


  6. You are showing up on Technorati

    – Mitra

    (I blog for my business from Byron Bay at