Organizing Diva Shares Ideas for Successful Blogging

In any presentation I do on business blogging, one of the earliest questions is some version of “how will people find my blog?”.

Part of my response is to endeavour to explain the “conversation of the blogosphere”, which leads me on to syndication/rss, commenting etc.

Another way I could start to answer the question is to provide a link to Stephan Spencer’s illuminating interview with organizing diva Jessica Duquette – see Lessons Learned by a Business Blogger.

One of Jessica’s keys to success is that she dedicates serious time and focus to active participation in the conversation of the blogosphere:

One crucial piece of advice for business bloggers that Jessica offered

is to spend as much time connecting with other bloggers as you do on

your own posts by visiting their site, commenting on specific postings

that can then link back to your site, participating in blog carnivals,

quoting excerpts from their posts and linking to their sites, and

allowing others to do the same from your posts.

And there’s more – don’t miss the full interview here.

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