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More Byron Bay – Great Breakfast at Fresh but Where’s the Website?

One of the risks in working from home is that your work is always within reach, literally. So unless you are a very disciplined, highly organised person, which frankly I am not, you can find yourself working through weekends and not actually taking serious time out from work. Which is not my idea of the […]

A Breezy Aussie Blog

Martin Neumann has, to coin a phrase, a way with words. And it’s good that he’s back. Martin had an excellent blog on home based business – HomeOfficeVoice. And as I was also writing about home office stuff – not so much now, but back then – we were occupying the same space to some […]

Tagging Byron Bay

Following up on my post yesterday on my trip to Byron Bay tomorrow for a presentation on business blogging, I’ve been periodically checking some search engines, specifically Google, Google Blog Search, gnoos, Technorati and also Yahoo! once or twice. One amusing sidelight was that having posted about Byron on a few blogs last night I […]

Business Blogging at Byron Bay

Another presentation on business blogging coming up, this time at Byron Bay, a truly beautiful place by any standard. It’s about a forty minute drive for me and the event is a business breakfast, coordinated by the Northern Rivers Business Advisory Service (NORBAS) in collaboration with the Department of State and Regional Development as part […]

Colour Copy Service for Australian Regional Businesses

My friend and business colleague Lou Armstrong is a man with a big dream. He’s going to make his currently not very large Colour Copy Shop in the regional town of Tweed Heads a service centre for small and large businesses across regional Australia. Not every small town has a shop that can do all the […]