Otter Group Sets New Benchmark for Business Blog Design

The Otter Group has launched its new blog site, which combines blog technology with the style of a ‘traditional’ website.

It’s basically a two column design but the way it is done allows for a home page with mostly static content and an excerpt of the latest blog post, then a separate page for the blog itself.

I’m quite excited about the new site, because it shows how a business can incorporate blogging in website design, without any detriment either to the blog or to the more static content of a business site. And I’m doubly excited because the Otter Group’s site is built on Blogware, the same software platform which powers the BlogHarbor hosting service I use for this blog.

Now as well as telling business people that this sort of design approach is possible, I can point them to a realworld example.

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  1. I suspect it’s because sometimes when blogs are explained (especially when it’s with hype), people might not get that a blog is a website, albeit with extra features and functionality. Yes, WordPress is greatl, provided of course that people are able to manage it or willing to learn or outsource the setup to one of the many third party providers.

  2. Des- I was unaware that people didn’t think it was possible to incorporate a blog into a static website? But yes, it is very possible for the home based business owner that you write to and I love WordPress as a viable solution for this type of setup. My own site which is going through a redesign is based on WP technology.