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Overview of the Peruvian Blogosphere This Week

Although – or perhaps because – I spent a few years not so long ago in helping promote trade between Australia and Brazil, and thereby got to know a bit about trade with all the Latin American countries, I am conscious that my education in the history, politics, economics and culture of the region is […]

Scoble Link Story Shows Value of Trust Networks in the Blogosphere

In my history studies years ago I learned the importance of citing sources, preferably the original or ‘primary’ sources, in anything I wrote. That training served me well as a public servant and has also been valuable in several consulting assignments. But a lot of that citing was on the basis of manuscripts or printed […]

Otter Group Sets New Benchmark for Business Blog Design

The Otter Group has launched its new blog site, which combines blog technology with the style of a ‘traditional’ website. It’s basically a two column design but the way it is done allows for a home page with mostly static content and an excerpt of the latest blog post, then a separate page for the […]

Great Advice on Business Blogging from Kathleen Gilroy

Today I found some great advice on business blogging, from Kathleen Gilroy, CEO of The Otter Group. Kathleen was interviewed by Easton Ellsworth on Business Blogwire. There are some excellent points on how to make a successful business blog (and Kathleen knows!), including about what to focus on: Figure out your passions and where you […]

How Blogging Helped Jeremy Give Up Sleeping in Buses

Bloggers and others be warned! When you drop by Toby Bloomberg’s Blogger Stories weblog  you should be prepared to be seriously distracted from whatever else you had intended to do in the next hour or so. My afternoon schedule has already been blown out the window with just a few stories I’ve been catching up […]