External Drive With One Terabyte of Storage for Less Than $1,000

I’m pretty sure that until about an hour ago I had never seriously contemplated that I might one day need storage for a trillion bytes of data for my home office. If I had thought about it and considered the possibility, I would probably have assumed that I’d need to take out a bank loan to finance it, or sign up for an external storage service.

Then again, ten years ago I would not have contemplated having a 125Gb hard drive and a 250 Mb external drive, for basic home office stuff, and costing only a few hundred dollars. And how did that onboard drive get to have 76 Gb of stuff on it while I wasn’t looking and without even starting seriously on audio or video?

Which is probably why I picked up on the Technology Review post – The Terabyte Zone – on the new Maxtor One Touch III external drive, which connects to a PC, Mac or Linux box, holds one terabyte (or close enough) and can be carried in a briefcase or backpack. And the street price? US$700.

via JD Lasica’s New Media Musings

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