What’s The Big Interest In Google Adsense?

I’m really mystified that lately one of the most visited posts on this blog is one I did back in February on Google Adsense, where I had a bit of a rant about having what I regarded as inappropriate ads appear on the blog: see Not Impressed With the Latest Google Adsense Link.

I haven’t analysed the stats closely but I can’t help wondering what the big interest is in Adsense.

I’ve still been willing to experiment a bit with Google Adsense ads on this blog. Different layouts, different sizes. Still not much to report in revenue.

But I know some people make real money from Google Adsense and I’m currently studying what some of them do to achieve that.

My preference is to stick to my policy of not having ads in the middle of the blog, in the fresh content section, but in the sidebars. Maybe that’s too purist and not very practical. I know a couple of very capable, very highly regarded bloggers who have Adsense ads interspersed with their blog posts.

Time to reconsider, perhaps?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not wanting to come across as too purist on this. There were two things here: in the original post I was expressing my concern about the unpredictability of the Adsense ads and the potential clash of values/message etc. in the follow up one I was genuinely puzzled by how many hits the previous post was getting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kudos for not caving into Adsense. Nothing is worse than a blogger littering his/her site with ads. Instead, these money making bloggers should look at other money making opportunities like Network Marketing (http://www.probizop.com/foodnutrition). They’ll probably make more money and keep their site pure like yours!