Why It’s Good to Post When a Story is Fresh

I certainly like to be up to date, if not up to the minute, with posting here on Thinking Home Business, but up till now I’ve not been too fussed if I think the story has been around for a while.

From a business point of view I might have to reconsider that attitude and get up to speed, if there’s weight in the ‘Mixed Signals’ story I’ve just picked up on the NPR blog about some research findings by physicists at the University of Notre Dame and in Hungary. They’ve worked out that the ‘prime life’ of a news story is no longer than 36 hours, after which few people will read the story.

There’s a sketch included in the post which may help explain this – or not 🙂

Problem for me is that although NPR’s Christopher Joyce posted his comments on July 10, he links to a post from July 7, which I think takes me out of the running for freshness on this one.

Oh well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are right on the money with this one Des. I had something similar happen with my blog and I happened to post about it right away in regards to Friendster patenting social networking. The post got picked up in AdLandPro and they singly sent me more visitors than I normally get in an entire day otherwise.