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On Moderation In Using and Seeking LinkedIn Endorsements

In co-authoring the book and podcast series LinkedIn for Recruiting with executive headhunter and recruiters’ coach Bill Vick, I was struck by the number of recruiters who are also bloggers. When I decided to do some research on this, Bill pointed me to the expanding blogroll at John Sumser’s interbiznet blog. One of the first blogs […]

Blogs And The Public Intellectual

Aaron Barlow in his post Let Me Put That In Context, on TPM Cafe, observes: Perhaps one of the side benefits of the blogs will be the re-emergence of the public intellectual. Such people, usually specialists in one field but writing much more generally, once provided a great deal of the context for public debate. […]

Blog Business Summit 2006

I went to a Summit last week and now there’s another Summit I would like to attend, but suspect I won’t be able to¬†– the Blog Business Summit, which is returning to where it started, in Seattle, WA (that’s the State of Washington, not Western Australia, worse luck for me ), October 25-27. From the […]

The Corporate Blogging Book Pre-Launch

A very welcome delivery in the post this morning, a nice shiny copy of Debbie Weil’s new book, published by Penguin in the US, The Corporate Blogging Book. Have only had time to just dip into it today (had to discipline myself not to skip a few commitments!) but it looks good and I will […]

On Not Neglecting Friends

While working today on a task I was finding rather challenging – a learning experience, as they say – I took a call from my friend Chris Gilbey. It was a welcome interruption. A chat with Chris is always stimulating and frequently challenging: read his posts on Perceptric and you’ll get the idea – a […]