Successful Combination of Blog and Website

In encouraging people to look at having a business blog, I find that one of the basic issues is how do you get a blog and a website to work together.

Usually I comment that, first, a blog is in fact a website, with some additional features a traditional website does not usually have.

I find that a general observation of that kind does not cut much ice with business people. They are more interested in seeing practical examples.

So I collect examples of the genre ‘blog+website’ – or, if you prefer, ‘website with blog’.

Found a good one today, courtesy of the LinkedIn Bloggers boost. It’s Dan Sweet’s Free Resume and Career Toolbox – FRACAT: access via either the website homepage or the blog site. I’m not in the recruiting game or looking for a job, but the site and blog are well integrated and they look to me to incorporate some great content, including some straight-talking advice for job seekers.

The blog uses the WordPress platform. I don’t have the technical knowledge to work out whether the rest of the site is built on WordPress or not. I’m guessing Dan would tell me if I asked nicely.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Des, my blog is also a part of my web site. I would love to hear your thoughts – do you prefer a standalone blog or a blog as a part of a larger business web site?

    Biana Babinsky

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it!

    Only the blogs are done with WordPress. The rest of the site is just a regular ‘ol HTML site that link to the WordPress stuff.