What Do You Do When You Change Blogging Platforms?

What do you do with a blog which you are no longer using?

I’ve just closed a blog I started on Typepad 21 months ago, the first version of Thinking Home Business. I had tried a lot of blogging platforms and found Typepad very good value at the time. It did not require much or any technical expertise to get it going and I had the benefit of a lot of guidance from Andy Wibbels, the original blogging evangelist and now author of the best-seller BlogWild!

But after a only a couple of months I became frustrated with some of the limitations of Typepad and went looking for a blogging platform that would better serve my purposes, which is how this blog came to be on BlogHarbor, a move I am still very happy about, although I still acknowledge that Typepad is an excellent blogging platform and hosting service.

Typepad has an easy system for exporting posts and I moved all the posts at that time to this blog. There are a few others, more recent, which I may copy across to this blog.

Having had a Typepad domain name, I wasn’t able to close down the site without losing links to it or to particular posts. So I kept it going, but downgraded to the most basic level of membership and tweaked its name to The Original Thinking Home Business. That rather complicated process – and modest but probably unproductive expenditure for the past fifteen months or so – prompts me to emphasise now to business people the value of having their own domain name for their blog from the outset and preferably to choose from the outset a  blogging platform or blogging hosting service that is likely to meet their needs for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, I’m still very happy with BlogHarbor as a content management system and blogging platform, with great support.

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