Archives for May 2006

Save the Internet – Net Neutrality Campaign

The future of the Internet is up for discussion and negotiation in the current session of the US Congress, according to an email I received today from Andy Wibbels – see his post Net Neutrality Hearings in Congress Tomorrow. Us out here in The Rest of the World can thank America for giving us the […]

Business Blogs – Show Me the Money!

As part of our LinkedIn Bloggers weekly ‘blog boost’, I’ve been asked to make some observations on the post Converting Traffic Into Business on the Corporate Blogging 101 blog. You’ve jumped into the blogosphere with both feet.  After diligently developing and sticking to your blog strategy, you begin to see the fruits of your labour […]

Verified Opt-in for Email Communications

I used to find it a bit of a bore to have to confirm that I really wanted to receive some communication I had just signed up for. This is the requirement for what is variously called ‘verified opt-in’ or ‘double opt-in’. The argument for verified opt-in is that it is a necessary insurance against […]

Reflections on Irony and a Romanian Blog

When the weekly LinkedIn Bloggers Blog Boost comes around and we are notified of the blog which has been selected for the boost, I sometimes find it a challenge to get a fix on what I am going to post about that particular blog. With nearly 500 members now in LinkedIn Bloggers and a good […]

LinkedIn Bloggers First Anniversary Close

LinkedIn, the hugely successful online social networking service, has many great features. However, it is not part of LinkedIn’s approach or operation to provide forums for discussion. That has allowed for the growth of groups such as My LinkedIn Power Forum (MLPF) and LinkedInnnovators. LinkedIn Bloggers, one of the many groups also started by MLPF founding owner, Vincent Wright, […]