Andy Wibbels’ BlogWild! Number One Blogging Book on Amazon

Summary: #64 Overall on Amazon, #1 in Weblogs, #1 in Business & Culture, #2 in Computers & Internet, #2 in Marketing, #14 in Business & Investing. Campaign reached 200,000 people.

That’s the header from the email I and many others around the world received today from Andy Wibbels, summing up the results of his blitzkrieg promotion of his new book BlogWild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging.

I haven’t got around yet to ordering the book (will do so real soon now – who knows, my order might take it to #63 on Amazon!), so I can’t provide a review at this point, but knowing Andy and his work there is a sense in which I don’t need to read the book to know it will be excellent. Also, there have been enough great comments from highly respected people who have evidently read pre-release copies, that I have no hesitation in recommending the book.

Andy is a great guy, has been a mentor and supporter of mine for a long time and wrote a great foreword to my own business blogging introduction book 7 Step Business Blog.  And as I posted elsewhere a few days ago, Tris Hussey has reviewed Andy’s book and mine together in his post and podcast, Easy to Read Business Blogging Books.. 

Here are a few typically glowing comments by people who have read Andy’s book.

Chris Pirillo, noted blogging guru of fame, said:

“You’re crazy if you don’t pick up Blogwild! It’s a great starting point for small business professionals who want to become bloggers.”

Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion, another A-list blogger, said:

“Andy Wibbels gives you everything you need at your finger tips to launch a successful small business blog.”

Here’s the buy link (and yes, I am an affiliate – so if that’s a problem, just go to

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know a lot of folks who will like to have the info about this book…forwarding to your blog…Thanks sfrewerd