Irish Blogosphere Has Room to Grow

Colm who has his own He ain’t heavy blog also (see below) posts at the Irish group blog In Fact, Ah where he had some interesting comments to make a few weeks ago about blogging and the reading of blogs in Ireland – Is Irish blogosphere participation set to explode (maybe).

He is fairly sure that Ireland ‘lags behind’ in the blogging stakes.

Personally, I have been disappointed with the pace of growth in the Irish scene. A paltry 1,000 people in this country call themselves bloggers. This is tiny a proportion of the overall population and has resulted in a great number of people from the various demographics in this country still without a representative in the boggersphere.

Having observed how the Irish have transformed their economy in recent decades and the significant role of information technology in that transformation, I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t more blogging activity, especially in the business sphere. But Colm’s comments help explain why I’ve not been able to find much evidence of business blogging in Ireland.

And it’s interesting that there was no business category in the Irish Blog Awards last month.

It seems from reading through the comments on Colm’s post that the lack of anything resembling ubiquity of broadband access could help explain the lack of takeup of blogging.

It would be interesting to know how blogging fares in the Irish diaspora, especially – for me – in the business blogging field.

(Apologies to all concerned for the mixup in para one: got my Colms confused. The other Colm does in fact post at He ain’t heavy where he has interesting info on philanthropy, development issues etc)

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  1. Please fill out this form in triplicate before you can comment on my blog

    I’d love to comment on this blog post by Des Walsh but I’ll be fucked if I have to register for a username and password just for the honour of posting on the blog. It’s a good blog, don’t get me wrong but I don’t see why…


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