Boosting LinkedIn Bloggers

There’s a wonderful, almost magical energy generated sometimes when a group swings in to support a fresh idea from a group member. This is happening right now, over on the LinkedIn Bloggers group, where I’m a moderator.

Recently I came across a prolific blogger, Jim Stroud, one of the many recruiting industry high achievers interviewed by my colleague Bill Vick for the book we co-authored, Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting. Happily for us and I hope for him, Jim “I recruit – therefore I am” Stroud has now joined LinkedIn Bloggers.

Yesterday Jim suggested to the group a concept he called a LinkedIn Bloggers Boost. The idea is that on a nominated day, everyone in the group – and at last count there were 391 members – will mention on their own blog a chosen blog from the group and link to them. We will mention at the same time what we are doing – transparency – and no doubt attract new members for LinkedIn Bloggers as well as hopefully having an interesting effect on the search engines.

Susan Reynolds has a nice post on the idea and its bigger implications, on her wonderfully named blog Case Notes from the Artsy-Asylum – yes, you must check it out (now).

For information on LinkedIn Bloggers and joining arrangements – no dollar charge but come ready to contribute ideas and interest – go here. Please note the need to provide a LinkedIn membership number or profile link, which is explained at the LinkedIn Bloggers site. LinkedIn basic membership is also free.

Anyway, we have all been given our first assignment, a nominated blog to mention and link to from our blogs on Wednesday, March 1st. Watch this space!

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