Why My 7 Step Business Blog Book Recommends BlogHarbor

I know I’ve raised a few eyebrows among blogging colleagues by making Blogware, as provided by BlogHarbor, the recommended platform for business bloggers in the book I’ve just published, 7 Step Business Blog.

I’ve been shown statistics about the proportion of bloggers using BlogHarbor (not high overall) and in general had a few queries about why I would not have recommended another platform, such as Typepad, or MovableType or WordPress.

Perhaps from a short-term sales perspective a book on, say, “How to Set Up a Business Blog with Typepad” (or WordPress, or MovableType) would have attracted more attention. But then people would have been entitled to say “So Des, let me get this straight. You’ve chosen BlogHarbor and written some very positive things about it and it is the platform provider for your most visited blog. How is it you’re recommending another product you’ve already said does not work as well for you?”

So it’s significantly about consistency. It’s also about the fact that, after many months of having a BlogHarbor account, I know absolutely that anyone who buys my book and sets up a BlogHarbor account will be well served by BlogHarbor support. That’s not to say anything negative about other providers.

I’m also providing some bonuses with the book, including a secure, book purchasers only, section (category) on the new 7 Step Business Blog blogsite, where members will be able to get more information and leave questions. I’m completely confident that if I can’t provide useful answers in terms of the BlogHarbor platform, I refer the inquirer to either BlogHarbor support or to the BlogHarbor Community Forum.

And no, I don’t have any affiliate or other deal with BlogHarbor, although BlogHarbor owner and support guy extraordinaire John Keegan was kind enough to read the draft of the book, point out several items for more accurate explanation and then give me a very agreeable testimonial.

At the same time, I have listened to my friendly critics and have taken all the BlogHarbor setup information out of the body of the book and placed it in an appendix, then added an appendix on other (secondarily but positively) recommended blogging platforms (and a couple not recommended).


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