Blogging and Work, Risks and Opportunities

I’m currently gathering links and references to blog posts and articles about the risks of blogging in a corporate environment.

My interest in the subject at this time is in relation to some presentations I’m scheduled to do on blogging in a business context, in March and April, and also more generally so that I’m better informed as a business coach and able to help my clients deal with some of these issues in a businesslike way.

So today I’m indebted, via the LinkedIn Bloggers group, to fellow moderator Dennis McDonald, whose blog is the wonderfully named All Kind Food, for a link to a very interesting couple of articles on the subject of blogging at work. The first link, on the Monster Blog, is to Should You Blog Your Job , which basically says, yes, but assess the risks, then links to a more detailed article, Work Blogger, Beware – The Perils of Journaling Your Job which seems to cover the risks quite well, including the risk of posting anonymously and thinking no one will discover your identity.*

That’s the risk side of things. There is also the opportunity aspect of blogging, especially for canny jobseekers or simply people taking a long view on their career paths. So another link provided via LinkedIn Bloggers was very interesting. This was from Scott Allen, who drew attention to an excellent post by Scott and his The Virtual Handshake colleague David Teten, on the Fast Company Networking site: Joblogging has the intriguing tagline “The next time you search for a job, your blog may be more important than your r

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  1. I think ‘blogging from work’ and ‘blogging in a business environment’ are really two different beasts. Most businesses could benefit from having a full time blogger who is focused on the needs of the business, but relatively few are realizing that at this juncture. Do you remember the McDonald’s blog? The one written from the perspective of a French Fry? Maybe you don’t because it was so bad that McDees had to pull it. So businesses can’t just throw up a blog, they need to think about why they want one and what they want to convey. Workers blogging about their jobs don’t always fulfill that need. In fact, I would guess they seldom do. At AllBusiness.Com, the CEO maintains a blog and he provides wonderful insight into his leadership philosophy and style. You feel like you know the company a little better when you read the CEO’s thoughts. Anyway, good post Des, and lots of room for discussion.