Blog Post Diamonds in My Own Virtual Backyard

Indulging in some emotional self-flagellation in the past few days about letting days and days pass without posting, albeit with some excuses, I was thinking yet again about blogger’s block and seeing if I could come up with some new ideas for handling that.

Meanwhile I was looking at a printout of the list of some 139 blogs listed by members of the LinkedIn Bloggers group I co-moderate on Yahoo! Groups.

I now started visiting or re-visiting blogs of my fellow LinkedIn Bloggers and the penny dropped! There is so much information and entertainment in the blog posts of just this one network of mine that I could post a blog every day for 139 days, linking to a post that interested me on just one of those blogs at a time. And if all 362 or so members of the group were to list a blog with the group I would have a post and more for every day of the year. That also can help them get links to their sites – a win all round, with no discernible downside.  

Aha! As Russell H. Conwell, founder of Temple University, might have said if he’d had a crystal ball to show him some blogging, I have my own ‘acres of blogging diamonds’ in my own virtual backyard!


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