Skype Password Drama

Received an email today purporting to be from Skype and asking me to log on to a site hyperlinked from the email and change my password.

To me it looked like a scam, not least because it included a somewhat confusing – to me – explanation of how I could know it wasn’t. As if!

So I contacted my friend and Skype guru Phil Wolff, who posts regularly to the SkypeJournal (which is actually independent of Skype). Phil assured me that actually the email was the real thing and pointed me to a post backgrounding the matter. Recommended reading for anyone who received one of those emails and is concerned.


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  1. Thanks Des, that’s a great tool for everyone. My girlfriend is from Mexico, and when she goes back there it’s easy for us to keep in touch inexpensively. Good deal.

    Jeff Sokol

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg talks about very favorably about Skype 2.0 in his December 1st column.

    But even if Ebay now owns the product, why wouldn’t Skype’s technology be as insidious as Kazaa, especially because the product was created by the Luxembourg team?

    I know I can use it or leave it. I’m just thinking out loud.

    Walter Mossberg answers questions as part of his Thursday technology column. I’ll also pose my question to him, and if he responds, I’ll share it here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kazaaa was peer to peer sharing basically and that’s the concept Skype’s built on. Spywear was never a problem with Skype. Now that ebay owns it any woory is nonexistant. But this lastest customer screw up is different. Just unbeleivably stupid.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Des, I’m so pleased that you’ve mentioned your Email dilemma and the SkypeJournal site/blog.

    I’ve been considering using Skype as a client contact alternative but am hesitant to download it because of the former owners’ spyware ties.

    Perhaps the site/blog will provide me with better insight on how the technology works.